Harry Styles am I right ladies


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come



Kanye is everything!!!


This was the cleanest swerve I think I’ve ever seen coming from Harry.

  • 1DHQ:  Who wants to drop the song title?
  • Louis: No.
  • Harry: *mumbles* Steal My Someone you can have fun with
  • Zayn: I forgot my Twitter password all of the sudden
  • Niall: They would call me The Irony Man for the rest of my life
  • Liam: Sure I'll just learn how to write full words without any grammar mistakes real quick


when the whole squad hit the mall looking fresh af


could be gayer

- a review (via hauntter)





One Direction: This Is Us Premiere Behind the Scenes.

You see Harry is slightly freaking out, trying to look out of the window, zayn isn’t talking, and then you have louis and his gang of followers:

Louis: Two really unique sauces. Talk to me, two really unique sauces.

Niall: Worcester. 

Louis: Worcester.

Liam: Erm, ranch. RANCH! RANCHH!

Louis: Worcester and Ranch. Zayn, Harry, your mission is to make sure you have to answer every single interview with ranch or- what’s the other one Niall? or Worcester. Ranch or Worcester sauce. I know neither of you are gonna do it […] but we are.

and then you hear zayn at the end

zayn: Every interview?

so yeah in conclusion it doesn’t matter if you are 30 seconds away from the premiere of your own highly anticipated documentary movie, if louis wants you to play a stupid game, you have no choice but to participate and that ladies and gents is why louis is king


#fuck the sun #louis is GRAVITY (twerk-it-larry)